Lasting Weight-loss

You receive a unique combination of training, ongoing support and valuable rewards.

Everything is driven by a personal change plan, rooted in the fact that your beliefs drive the behaviors that produce your results. You get the tools to change your thinking.  New behaviors follow and you achieve your dreams.

You learn specific tools to link your beliefs to your behavior and your results, identify problem behaviors and beliefs then develop new beliefs and behaviors that will produce the long-term results you want.

Our proprietary phone coach lets your friends and family record messages of support.  The short coaching calls help you stay focused and deliver the support messages from those you love.  The calls nudge you in the right direction and help you celebrate your success.

Your progress is tracked and when you reach milestones, you get rewards - discounts, and free products and services.

In psychobabble it's a cognitive behavioral program that incorporates values clarification, behavior cuing, and both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation to help people succeed.  It is a fun process that helps you achieve what you want long-term.