Kim’s Story

Kim's weight was always a yoyo.  She'd try a program, succeed for a while then gain it all back.  She's now successful in keeping the weight off.  Her story illustrates changing your thinking will change your results.

Trying to lose weight?  Do you succeed for a while then fall back into old habits. The Belief Workout Success Coach gives you the tools, support and rewards you need to make lasting change in your life.

You will learn specific thinking tools that have been proven in university studies to help people make lasting change.

Support comes in the form of phone coach calls that come on a schedule you set.  Each phone call helps you stay focused on your goals, report your success and receive messages of encouragement from friends and family.

The rewards come as you reach milestones toward your goal.  With each milestone you receive medals that you trade for discounts on merchandise, training and services related to your goal.

The Belief Workout Success Coach is a system for achieving personal success.  It will help you accomplish your goals, and reach your dreams.